DIY Fall Wreath

WREATH: pinterest 

My sisters and I have always talked about how one day when we grow up,we are all going to live on the same cul de sac together.  That seemed to be wishful thinking since we all are at different stages in our lives and even different states.  Well about a week ago my oldest sister Whitney and her family moved to Utah from California and now lives just 5 minutes away from me, same city, same offramp. My other sister Alyssa just lives a quick 10 minute drive up the freeway also.  This is the closest we have all lived together since we were all living under one roof.  I'm so excited to have them close to do fun Sunday crafts together like we did today to decorate our houses.  Now that we are getting close to the fall season, what better way to start it off then making a wreath1?  We hit up Hobby Lobby yesterday with different ideas we liked from pinterst and attempted making our own today! This was my first wreath I've made and had so much fun doing it so here's some pictures of what we came up with! Happy DIYing!


Labor Day in Bear Lake

Bear lake is by far one of the most gorgeous lakes I've ever been too.  Its unbelievable how blue and clear the water is.  Tyson and I have decided that every month we are going to go on a vacation together, even if its just camping for a night in the canyon (which never gets old). This month worked out perfect with having an extra day off of work and school for Labor day.  We went with Tyson's whole family and my sister Alyssa to Bear Lake for the weekend and stayed right on the lake.  Even though the weather was very disappointing this weekend, we spent lots of time eating raspberry shakes, warming up in the jacuzzi and snuggling in the condo which was so much fun.  But in our couple attempts to the water, we had no other option but to drag out the condo's comforters and pillows from the beds, and curl up on the sand next to the water. Tyson on the other hand, didn't let the weather stop him and skim boarded for hours in the frigid air.  He did get me to slowly drag my feet out into the water followed by a tackle and a dunk to get me under. Good thing I love him!  

If you haven't seen Tyson's latest video he made of us at the Color Run...Here it is!