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This month for Valentine's Day Tyson and I randomly decided to go stay in Kanab, UT for the weekend.  I know I know...what the heck is there to do in Kanab, right?  Well it turned out to be the perfect location for everything we were wanting to do!! How appropriate is it to go start out our Valentines Day at the Coral Pink Sand Dunes!?  I've always wanted to go check this place out and we absolutely loved it! We were really wishing we could've rented some four wheelers but April is the first month of the year for that.  So we just took off our shoes and went hiking barefoot out to the highest dune we could see in the most squishy, soft sand.  The weather was so warm so we layed out our towel and soaked up the sun, took some pics, and watched Tyson fly the drone.  Then a big group of people came riding up on their four wheelers and parked right by us.  One thing led to another and next thing we knew we were out riding!  They were such nice people for letting us strangers go for a ride and it definitely made our day.  I feel so lucky to have such an awesome Valentine that I get to spend every moment with.  No matter what we are doing, I just love to be with him.  It is always an adventure and I am so truly grateful for our amazing marriage.  



Vday Cake by Hailey and Hayley

Had to keep the tradition alive by making a Valentines Cake with my cute sister-in-law Hailey!  Last year,we did the same sort of thing with baking a heart-shaped cake together and decorating it with whatever we could find.  So the other day, I went and picked up little Hailey from school and as we were driving home, she pulled this heart-shaped cake mold out of her backpack!  It was so cute how she remembered we did this the previous year, and carried around the cake mold in her backpack all day hoping we could do the same thing again when she got to my house.  We went straight to the store so she could pick out some cake stuff, headed back to the house..and had such a fun time making another Valentines Cake!



Because of all the coloring, blow drying, straightening, and curling I do to my hair, I am one that NEEDS to have something to protect it from all the heat and damage I am causing to it.  These are two of my favorite hair products that I am currently using and thought I'd share since I've noticed a HUGE difference in my hair and the rate its been growing at.  I used to use the Moroccan oil on my hair from Peerless which I did really like.  But recently when I went into Peerless to get another bottle, I was talked out of using that stuff since its so heavy on the hair. I was told the Unite Luxury Argan Oil is the new best thing to use and replace your Moroccan oil with.  It is much lighter so your hair so it doesn't get weighed down.  So far I have loved it! No frizz, my split ends don't look and feel as dry...and I can go about 4 days without washing my hair when using this product without it looking oily. SCORE! You can purchase this product here. The second product is the All in One hair treatment.  My Aunt had recommended this to me as well as my friends at Peerless.  I needed something specifically for a heat protectant and this does that amazingly as well as 9 other things! I noticed I only have the picture of the Spanish side of the box so you'll have to look real closely at the second picture..Whoops. Anyways...you can get this product here. Let me know if you have any other hair products that I am missing out on! I'd love to know!