This past weekend, Tyson and I got invited on a trip to Moab to film his cousin's proposal.  As you may know, Tyson has a knack for filming and editing, especially in the proposal department which you can see lots of here. We were so excited for this opportunity to be apart of this proposal and also to finally have a reason to get ourselves to Moab for the first time!  It was everything I expected and more.  We spent the first day taking a horseback ride out in the middle of nowhere with gorgeous red rock scenery everywhere. Half way through the horseback ride was when Tyson's cousin got off his horse and popped the question.  It was so romantic and soooo well thought out!! I can't wait to show you all the video when its done, seriously one of my favorites. Who knew how sore you would be though from horseback riding!!! not me!!!! Lets just the next morning, we all woke up with sore back muscles that I never knew I had, as well as a super sore rear end.  We will just leave it at that. 

The next day we went to breakfast with all the whole gang of cousins at a local spot in town which I loved!! Every time we go on vacation, we try to eat at places that we can't have anywhere else to add to the whole travel experience.  Then we took off up into the mountains to first shoot some guns.  Haven't done that since I was up at school at BYU-I and definatly need to do it more often.  Plus, Tyson was really liking it when I was shooting a gun for some reason haha.  Then we continued on our way for about an hour and thirty minutes of off-roading up to Musselman Arch.  Such a blast!!!! As you can see from the pictures, it was beautiful everywhere.  We stopped at the most breathtaking view with the river down below. This is where Tyson filmed the interview part of the proposal. I can't wait to come back here hopefully this summer!!  Thanks to all of Tyson's cousins for being such great tour guides as well as letting us crash at your house!!




Alright people, stop what you're doing and listen up.  Remember way back when, when people used to actually print out their photos and then this whole social media thing took over, and most people have never seen a hard copy of any of their photos ever since? Well, I really wish I was the one that came up with this idea of chatbooks because it is GENIUS.  Most of your favorite pictures are the ones you put on instagram, right? So all you do is download the chatbook app on your phone, put in your instagram info, and voila..your books have been created!  Seriously that simple. You can then preview the book and exclude any pictures that you may not want printed.  You can also change the cover picture, and decide what you want to name your books, which will show up so dang cutely (new word?) on the spine! Did I mention they are only 6 BUCKS A BOOK that come with 60 pictures plus free shipping!!?? I don't think you will find anything better.  Also if you use this code 9MHJZJPJ you can get your first book FREE!! You will be so happy you have these perfect sized books with all your greatest pictures, with captions,to have forever. Let me know if you have any questions when creating yours!




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Over the past few weeks, I've decided to give my old blog "tyson and hayley" a little facelift.  I was talking with Tyson one night about our goals for this new year and told him that I felt the blog needed a little somethin somethin.  That night we started brainstorming on what I could do, and what I could rename this "new blog" I was wanting to create.  After a few ideas were thrown around, my oh so smart husband shouted out "IT"S A HAY DAY" and I loved it! Seemed so fitting, right?  Well and even to confirm this name even more, I looked up the actual meaning for the term "Hayday" or "heyday" (as some spell it), and it means a time of greatest vigor, strength, and success. BAM. DONE DEAL. It has been so fun putting together this new blog of mine and look forward to having it progress even more throughout this year. Thanks so much for reading and checking my blog out!! 





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Tyson and I couldn't have asked for a better week being in California from Chrsitmas Eve to New Years. We got to experience it all while we were there, and when I say all, I mean ALL. We had a nice warm beach the first couple days, then had rain and gloomy skies the next couple days, and a snow storm the last day!! Growing up in California, I have only seen snow flurries TWICE.  And this is the type of snow that lasts maybe 20 minutes, leaves a little frost on the ground, and then is completely melted not too long after.  But this time, was different.  It snowed hard. Like a Utah snow storm.  We left Utah for a reason, to escape the cold weather and snow for a week!  There was so much snow that next morning that stayed all day, and I'm sure is still there.  All of the trees at my parents house had broken over and were ruined.  Trees Everywhere.  All the palm tree branches completely cracked. Such a sad sight. These pictures taken below were just a few hours before the snow started.  Glad we were able to get out one last time before it hit!