The day our baby was due

July 30th, the day I have been counting down for 9 months, has now come and gone.  I never knew how hard this day would be with no signs of baby coming. I made the mistake of sitting at home most the day feeling super emotional about our baby boy not here yet and just hoping for something to happen.  I should have kept myself busy and out doing something to keep my mind off of it. I was hoping so bad to not have to be pregnant longer than I have to be and really thought he would be early or come on the due date. Since this is my first baby, I have to go one week over to get induced.  Since that one week mark falls on a Saturday, they are making me wait till the following Monday, August 8, to be induced.  That day seems FOREVER away but is now my new countdown. 

Anyways, Tyson wanted to take me up to this spot to do some video footage for when the baby does decide to come.  I was glad he did this to help me get out and focus on something else for a minute.  We also did a few shots since we really haven't taken any maternity pictures so why not take them on our 40 week mark? And also...how hot is my husband!!?? Swooning. 


P.s. Here is our latest vlog Tyson posted on our youtube page



Let's just start with saying that when it comes to putting things together (furniture, crafts, strollers, chairs, pretty much anything) I am not the first one volunteering.  I would rather buy things already made for me and that just come to me as the finished product.  With that being said, me and the Nuna Tavo stroller were a match made in heaven.  It was the easiest thing to put together with just a few snaps and clicks!  There was no drills, allen wrenchs, screws, nothing. The directions were very user friendly for people like me and took me less than 5 minutes to have it put together.  It also was shipped to my house in just a few days! I am literally obsessed with this stroller!! Not only does it look beautiful, but it is so well made and steers amazingly.  I had my sister Whitney, who is a mom of two boys, test out the stroller since she is experienced in that department, and she also said it was a win.  She told me the true test of a stroller is if you can push it with one hand and can steer just fine. The Nuna Tavo passed that test with flying colors.  Right away I ordered myself the Nuna Pipa carseat and base to go with it and I am just dying to push my little babe around in it now! You can purchase your Nuna Tavo stroller here and your Nuna Pipa carseat here

Also check out our vlog featuring the stroller and how my husband does with using it!



(This wall is still a work in progress)

I've been waiting to post pictures of the nursery until it is completely finished but I figured that is going to take a lot longer to happen so here is what is done so far! About a year ago, I saw this wallpaper on pinterest and told myself I was going to have that one day in my house.  It took me a while to look for it but I FINALLY found it and it was EVERYTHING I had hoped for!! I had never used wallpaper before so I was really nervous about ordering it.  The girls that own Anewall were so amazing to work with and have such quality watercolor wallpapers.  This is the tradition vinyl ordered in a custom size and sticks smoothly to the wall.  Couldn't be more happy with it! I also received this gorgeous, soft rug from Lorena Canals!  What's cool about all of their rugs is that they are machine washable! WIN!! They also donate a percentage to help support education for kids in India. The bedding and toy bag is from a company in Sweden called Tellkiddo and they have the CUTEST nursery decor!!! They ship internationally so check them out!  I get so excited to think that our baby could really be here any day!  I walk by the nursery all the time and just stand in there thinking about our baby boy who is about to join our family.  We can't wait to meet him!!

Links for Product:

watercolor cactus wallpaper: Anewall

kiddo duvet set: Tellkiddo

sleeping bear paper bag: Tellkiddo  

rug: Lorena Canals  

crib: Target 

dresser: Target 

stool: Hobby Lobby  

Also here is the lastest vlog on our channel featuring the nursery!