Monthly Vacation-Park City

Park City was calling our name this month for a weekend getaway. It may have been 0 degrees at night and 17 degrees during the day but we did not let that stop us with how much fun we had enjoying this city.  We've come up here occasionally but decided we wanted to explore all of Park City and drove in places we both have never seen, with the most amazing houses and cabins to die for. We then went down the historic Main Street and ate at Bandits, which I highly recommend. After that we got ourselves a red box, some Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate,  thanks to Stephen, and headed back to our hotel.  We then got ourselves geared up to face the bitter cold in bathing suits and enjoy the hot tub and met some new people. Nothing better than a hot tub in 0 degree weather. The next morning we went up to the Olympic Park where we walked through the Museum which brought back lots of memories of the Olympics here in Salt lake in 2002. It was also cool to see the end of the North American Bobsled competition going on and seeing them receive their medals. So grateful for times like these to forget about school and work and enjoy time with the one I love the most! 

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