Tyson, Nixon and I were so lucky to have such an amazing trip to Japan! We love reminiscing on this trip and what a GORGEOUS place Okinawa is!!! I still can't believe sometimes how we managed to take Nixon all the way to the other side of the world but I am so glad we did it! When it came to packing for this trip, I needed to be as organized a possible because I had SO MUCH to bring for both Nixon and me. Not only did I have all of our clothes to bring, but toys for Nixon, activities for the travel, snacks, books, diapers and wipes.  We came across these amazing travel bags by Nomatic.  If you guys haven't seen these yet, you've got to go check them out.  I have never felt so organized in my life.  There are so many pouches, bags inside of the bags, and compartments where I was able to separate everything by category.  We had so many people asking us through the airport about these bags and of course we told them our honest opinion about how they are just flat out the best travel bag to have.  To give you an idea, here are some of the compartments it has: laundry bag, book pocket, water bottle pocket, laptop and tablet pockets, shoe compartment, underwear compartment and valuables pocket to just name a few!! Click here to check out all the details of these bags and you'll be convinced to get one for your next trip!!