Pretending to be healthy

Choped parsley and red onion

Combine together with garlic powder salt and pepper 
Form into patties (yes i'm wearing medical gloves..they're the BEST to cook with especially when using raw meats or onions)

Add whatever toppings you want

I decided this past week that I would feel better about myself by making things that are more healthy.  When I was at the grocery store, I bought wheat bread, wheat noodles, wheat buns, and wheat tortillas (we'll leave out the cap'n crunch, chocolate milk, chips  a'hoy and other necessities ...) One of the recipes I first made were turkey burgers on the wheat buns using a Pinterest recipe that you can find here. I loved the way these turned out and can't wait to make them again!


Hello Moose

Tyson and I used to do weekly hikes last year where every single week we would get ourselves outdoors and find a new place to hike too. For some reason, not that we are married, we just can't find the time to do them every single week with how busy our schedules our. This past week though, a lot of our family and cousins were able to get together and go on this amazing hike (can't remember the name of it) up above silver lake in American Fork Canyon.  It was so much fun as we hiked for almost two hours up to this hidden lake, in a trail of twelve people (that's including my niece Braya on David's back), full of laughs and conversations. 

On our way back down, Tyson was in the front of the trail and stopped suddenly while backing up. As we all looked up, there was a huge moose grazing away about 15 feet away from the skinny little trail we needed to take.  We had all joked before the hike that we needed to see a moose and our wishes came true! I think we were all a little nervous about what we  were going to do for the next 10 minutes as the moose was staring at us. Well we got lucky and decided to cut right down the side of the mountain where we were standing which eventually took us right back on to the trail. Hallelujah! Here are some pictures Tyson and I took of that day...Warning..LOTS of pictures I mean

P.S.  In case you haven't seen our latest wedding video...here it is!



domestic wifey perhaps

Recipie: pinterest 
Well let's just say that cooking in the Henderson Household would be compared to nothing if it weren't for my great friend who I communicate with daily...Pinterest. I'm sure all the females can relate.  I love cooking new things every week, thanks to the unlimited options Pinterest offers me, so tonight I decided to cook something that caught my attention with the words alone.....Coconut Crusted Chicken with Mango Salsa...yaahh?? YES! The husband was salivating over this meal...so I guess its a win! ladies...next time you want to impress your man (since the way to a man's heart is through his belly)...here's the secret that helped me...


Birthday continued

My handsome groom, all on his own, got together both of our families on Sunday for a night up in our favorite canyon, American Fork Canyon.  I'll let the pictures do most the talking but it was such a great night with chicken enchiladas (made by Tiffany), homemade  salsa (made by Tanya),  birthday cake (made by Tylie), bonfire (made by Tyson), blankets, family, and some good quality time.  23 is off to a good start and couldn't be more excited for what this year will bring.