Henderson Happenings

Well I guess you could say I've become a true married person since I started a blog! Whether anyone reads this or not, I thought it would be fun to post pictures and write about the things we love to do together for our own keepsake...and for the interest of anyone else. So here's what is happenin' with the Henderson's! 

1. Loving married life
2. Love being a wife
3. Love cooking for someone everyday
4. Love house decorating
5. Love being in love

With all the busyness, we try to keep each week interesting. We decided to forgo our dining room table this night, and trade it for a nice picnic blanket and basket of dinner alongside this cute little lake (pond), to get ourselves outdoors. Oh, and a drive by our new favorite place for dessert, Rita's.   

picnic blanket: Wedding gift!  picnic basket: Wedding gift!  bowls: Wedding gift!


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