This weekend Tyson and I along with my sister Whitney, her husband Chad and their two kids drove up the American Fork Canyon to our absolute favorite spot to be outdoors. No matter what time of year you come here, it is always so beautiful! Tibble Fork Reservoir was the happening spot on Saturday afternoon.  Lots of people were out hiking, rafting, skipping rocks, reading books, and taking bridals. If you live in Utah and haven't been here before...make it a priority!

Cole's favorite thing to do is to throw rocks in the water and let me tell ya...he did that the WHOLE entire time we were there.  It is the cutest thing to see how excited he gets to look for the perfect rocks or sticks. It was such a fun afternoon to be outdoors and I have to say that Whitney and Chad are pretty hardcore because nothing stops them or limits them from having fun even with a one month old baby and a two year old. They scaled a mountain, climbed up and over rocks, and crossed the river on a log holding their kids...and baby Davis just slept through it all!  If there are any of your favorite hidden spots that are outdoors here in Utah, let us know!!