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Tyson and I couldn't have asked for a better week being in California from Chrsitmas Eve to New Years. We got to experience it all while we were there, and when I say all, I mean ALL. We had a nice warm beach the first couple days, then had rain and gloomy skies the next couple days, and a snow storm the last day!! Growing up in California, I have only seen snow flurries TWICE.  And this is the type of snow that lasts maybe 20 minutes, leaves a little frost on the ground, and then is completely melted not too long after.  But this time, was different.  It snowed hard. Like a Utah snow storm.  We left Utah for a reason, to escape the cold weather and snow for a week!  There was so much snow that next morning that stayed all day, and I'm sure is still there.  All of the trees at my parents house had broken over and were ruined.  Trees Everywhere.  All the palm tree branches completely cracked. Such a sad sight. These pictures taken below were just a few hours before the snow started.  Glad we were able to get out one last time before it hit!

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