Happy Thursday!  This morning was the start to a busy day where Nixon and I hopped in the car with Tyson to take him to the train station for work and then off to run some errands!  We have been doing a lot of traveling this month and have one more trip we will be leaving on tomorrow!  We will be heading down to southern California where I grew up to spend Memorial Day weekend and to attend my little sister's wedding open house! 

I wanted to jump on here today so I can tell you about this new convertable carseat we have been using for Nixon that is a game changer.  We had been using a different brand in the past but I didn't love how hard it was to get the carseat stable and secure.  This new carseat we have been using is called the Cybex Sirona M with Sensorsafe 2.0. What is amazing about this carseat is that it has integrated important safety technology into the chest clip of the carseat so that you will be alerted when unsafe situations arise.  This means that if your child were to unbuckle themselves, or if you were to accidentally leave your child alone in the car, the essential alert will go off through both the vehicle receiver and the caregiver's cellphone.  There is an app to download but you do not have to have the app to receive alerts.  I love how this technology lets you leave all your worries at the door when heading out on the start to a busy day! 

Honestly, this is a must have carseat that I have loved for Nixon and feel that he is the most safe in.  It locks into the car with a base already installed that allows the carseat to be completely stable with no rocking movement at every turn or bump.  Any extra safety features are always a huge plus when it comes to protecting your littles lives!  I hope you enjoy this Cybex Sirona M carseat as much as we do!!

Thank you to Cybex for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own. #ad




Hi you guys!! Happy Thursday!! Today I wanted to share with you one the most amazing things I've recently added to my home that I just can't keep a secret!! I've recently been putting together the guest bedroom in our house and came across Beddy's. They seriously have developed the most genius idea when it comes to bedding.  Everyone wants their bed to look good all the time but the actual "making" of the bed just sucks. Well not anymore!!! Lets just say that zipper bedding is the most amazing thing ever!!! How it works is your bedding comes in one piece.  You place the whole thing on like you would with a fitted sheet. When you get into bed, you pull down the zipper thats located on both sides of the bed, and there you have your sheet on the bottom, and a soft minky blanket material on top. So pretty much I am so hooked, want one for every single bed in my house, and LOVE making the bed!! Click here for the exact bedding that I have.  I also want this one too!  I promise you guys are going to LOVE this bedding and will be so hooked and just want to tell everybody! 



Getting Cozy!

Hello 2018!!! I still can't believe how fast this Holiday season went and already off to a start of a New Year!  I don't know about you, but I love changes and I love the clean slate that a new year can give you.  Even though I am sad the Christmas season is over, I love January for these two reasons:

1. This is a time to reminisce on the past year by thinking about the good AND the bad times and 
2. Use those moments to develop the best goals for the new year

The year of 2017 has been one of the best years for me because being a mom to Nixon is truly one of the most crowning experiences I could ever ask for.  I've never experienced so much happiness seeing him grow, develop his personality, learn to eat, walk and talk, turn one, give kisses, give hugs (and pushes to other but working on that!), develop a love for the outdoors, know who his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins are, become the BEST sleeper after 6 months of being the WORST sleeper, and really must have so much pure joy for life. With that said, I know that not every second of being a parent is perfect and I know that I have much to work on to become a better mom and wife.  Having a child does mean that you do have to put your own wants and needs on hold until your baby is taken care of. It does mean that those things you could do so quick and easily before, WILL take much longer, and it does mean that you need to become an expert in patience.  These are all things that are doable but really do just take time!  And that is one of my many resolutions for this new year is to continue to work on those things and just enjoy every single little second of life without letting my to-do lists giving me anxiety and allowing patience to settle in. 



Abbot Kinney Distressed Denim Jacket

Handle With Flare Sleeve Sweater

In Between Rib Sweater



I'm still in shock that the Christmas season is already here!  It has been so fun decorating this year for the holidays and seeing Nixon's face as we add new decorations to our collection.  One of the first things that we did to get into the holiday spirit was taking family photos a couple months ago.  We love being able to send out Christmas Cards each year and the earlier I can  prep for that, the better.  My awesome sister Mckenna took us up to the mountains and captured fun moments with us as a little family.  I was so excited to pick out a photo and wanted to hurry and find the best Christmas Card to go with it.  I went on to Minted where they countless options of holiday cards that made it so hard to choose! I was able to customize the options to exactly what I wanted.  One of the features I love with Minted is that they will send you samples of the different paper types so you know exactly the quality you are getting.  I will never order my cards anywhere else because they truly do give you only the best! Once I placed my order, I was shocked with how fast it came .  They had all my cards and envelopes packaged so beautifully.  Thank you Minted for sending me the most gorgeous Christmas Cards that I can't wait to share with my family and friends!



Henderson Party of 3

Shirt: Target

Denim: Asos

Watch: Kyboe

Nixon's overalls: Zara (similar)

Bedding: Bed,Bath and Beyond 

Recently we had Kenna Wilson Photography come do an in-home photo shoot of our little family. It was so fun to just be in the comfort of our house while she captured candid moments of us together.  What I loved about this photoshoot was that Kenna was so quick with capturing just what she needed too before Nixon would get too out of control. It's been so fun to see Nixon's personality develop as he gets older and I just want to have EVERY SINGLE moment captured so I never forget!!! 




Zurcher's Party Store: Gold banner balloons, small balloons, utensils, plates, cups, hanging gold pin wheels, cake topper

Summit Inn Pizza:  Amazing pizzas 

Dolce Bella by Erin: Gorgeous cactus watercolor sugar cookies and macaroons

Jane: My Cactus shirt

The Sweet Tooth Fairy: Decorated Cactus Cake, cake bites, snickerdoodle cookies

Tylie's Tasties: Nixon's Smash Cake and cupcakes

Magnolia Bloom Boutique: Cactus balloon, cactus cupcake toppers, cactus confetti, green and yellow tassel garland

My Big Balloon: Large balloons with garland

Cactus Plants: DIY by me through Pinterset 

This past week we celebrated our Nixon's first birthday which I am still in shock about!  It is so crazy to me that this time last year, he had just joined our lives as we welcomed him into this world. I don't even know where to begin when it comes to talking about how amazing this year has been with our baby boy.  We look at life with a whole new meaning and every decision we make is based around what will be best for Nixon, and for how we will be raising him.  Being a mom to Nixon has been the greatest thing in the world and I wouldn't change it for anything! 

Earlier this year I knew I wanted to have Nixon's first birthday be cactus themed.  In his nursery, he has a cactus accent wall so he has had no other choice but to love cacti from the beginning! I can't thank everyone enough who helped make Nixon's party so special! And such a huge thanks to my sister Mckenna for being our photographer!