Hi you guys!! Happy Thursday!! Today I wanted to share with you one the most amazing things I've recently added to my home that I just can't keep a secret!! I've recently been putting together the guest bedroom in our house and came across Beddy's. They seriously have developed the most genius idea when it comes to bedding.  Everyone wants their bed to look good all the time but the actual "making" of the bed just sucks. Well not anymore!!! Lets just say that zipper bedding is the most amazing thing ever!!! How it works is your bedding comes in one piece.  You place the whole thing on like you would with a fitted sheet. When you get into bed, you pull down the zipper thats located on both sides of the bed, and there you have your sheet on the bottom, and a soft minky blanket material on top. So pretty much I am so hooked, want one for every single bed in my house, and LOVE making the bed!! Click here for the exact bedding that I have.  I also want this one too!  I promise you guys are going to LOVE this bedding and will be so hooked and just want to tell everybody! 




Hello 2018!!! I still can't believe how fast this Holiday season went and already off to a start of a New Year!  I don't know about you, but I love changes and I love the clean slate that a new year can give you.  Even though I am sad the Christmas season is over, I love January for these two reasons:

1. This is a time to reminisce on the past year by thinking about the good AND the bad times and 
2. Use those moments to develop the best goals for the new year

The year of 2017 has been one of the best years for me because being a mom to Nixon is truly one of the most crowning experiences I could ever ask for.  I've never experienced so much happiness seeing him grow, develop his personality, learn to eat, walk and talk, turn one, give kisses, give hugs (and pushes to other but working on that!), develop a love for the outdoors, know who his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins are, become the BEST sleeper after 6 months of being the WORST sleeper, and really must have so much pure joy for life. With that said, I know that not every second of being a parent is perfect and I know that I have much to work on to become a better mom and wife.  Having a child does mean that you do have to put your own wants and needs on hold until your baby is taken care of. It does mean that those things you could do so quick and easily before, WILL take much longer, and it does mean that you need to become an expert in patience.  These are all things that are doable but really do just take time!  And that is one of my many resolutions for this new year is to continue to work on those things and just enjoy every single little second of life without letting my to-do lists giving me anxiety and allowing patience to settle in. 



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