So first of all, I can't believe my baby will be 6 MONTHS next week!! It blows my mind how fast time has gone since I gave birth to my little Nixon. From the beginning, I have strictly breastfed Nixon and that is because one, I absolutely love that bonding time with him, and I also have been lucky enough to have my body be able to provide for that with the help of Nixon staying consistent also. However, I WISH I would have discovered Momsense from the very beginning! Momsense is a breastfeeding meter where you can nurse your baby and have a piece of mind with how much they are actually intaking. It comes with a set of earphones that are attached to a baby safe sensor that is placed below the baby's earlobe. You plug the headphones into your smart phone, open the Momsense app, and start breastfeeding as normal.  After you're finished, you will receive a detailed report on how many oz your baby took in per side.  Its amazing!! 

Recently I felt like Nixon was going through a period where he wasn't nursing as long as he was before and I was worried he wasn't getting enough.  When I used Momsense, my results were saying that he was only eating a little over 2 oz which is not very much for him.  At that time I was able to supplement with a bottle to make sure he was getting the right amount of nutrition without being overfed. Thank you Momsense for giving me a piece of mind with being a new breastfeeding mom!