OK how cute are these Milestone cards!?  I love having cute ways to document the milestones that come from my baby's first year of life and they even have a spot for you to write in the date.  You can click this link here to get yourself free printables! 

This past week has had a big milestone for this tired momma.  We have finally taken the Doctor's advice now that he is over 6 months old to sleep train Nixon.  I was nervous about doing this because I hate not comforting Nixon when he is crying. Tyson was able to take the heat of it and try this out when I was working a night shift since he knew it would be hard on me.  Luckily, Nixon has adapted so well!  We told ourselves from the beginning that if he were to cry for close to an hour then we would go in and get him.  Those first two night he would cry maybe 20 minutes and then fall back to sleep. Ever since then he sometimes will occasionally wake up and cry for maybe 5 minutes before he goes back to sleep.  And we even had a night where he didn't wake up at all till 7 in the morning!!! I can't even tell you how amazing it feels to finally feel rested.  I have more energy during the day and feel like a much happier wife and mom. I make sure that at night I feed Nixon baby food, bathe him, and then nurse him so that he has a nice full belly to last him till the morning. I am so glad we opted in for the sleep training method because it not only helps us as the parents, but it also is what the baby needs!  We are doing our baby a favor by teaching them how to get the full nights rest that they need for their growing body.  I really did doubt that it was going to work for us since Nixon has been an AWFUL sleeper up until this point.  But it WORKED!  Hallelujah!!! Here's to more full nights sleep from here on out. 




Nixon has always been that baby that has to have something close to him on each side when he sleeps or else he wakes himself up by rolling all round.  We used to use two rolled up blankets on each side of him that was barely doing the job.  We recently received this DockATot in the mail and it has been a game changer for the way Nixon sleeps at night.  He also loves to play in it during the day and I don't have to worry about him rolling off the bed or falling over.  I've never been able to feel comfortable co-sleeping with Nixon but this is so perfect for those sleepless nights that would be easier to just keep baby in bed with you and not worry about rolling over on him.  To me, this is a must for all parents out there and I'm glad to have discovered this on my first baby! 

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This past week has been a rough one for us.  Nixon has been really sick for his first time and I never knew how much harder life would get when your baby is sick.  He has had croup for the past 5 days and wakes himself up about every 20 minutes because of his nasty cough.  And since he is just like his mom with the worst gag reflexes, he is constantly choking after he coughs and from his runny nose.  I feel so bad for him because he just seems so miserable and helpless.  In the mornings he usually gets so excited to play with his toys but instead he just lays against me in my arms while I'm playing with them for him.  We are so ready for this winter season to be over with so we don't have to worry so much about all the sickness around!  

Nixon was having a really good morning after his medicine and nap, so I had to get some pics of him since we haven't seen much smiles recently!  I was so excited to put him in my favorite pair of moccasins that I just received from Freshly Picked!  I about died when I saw these paint splatter designs!  They really are the softest leather moccs that stay on Nixon's feet all day without coming off. They make it so easy to feel like his outfit is put together without having the extra step of velcro or laces.  Head on over to my instagram to enter the giveaway I will be running this week!!