This past week has been a rough one for us.  Nixon has been really sick for his first time and I never knew how much harder life would get when your baby is sick.  He has had croup for the past 5 days and wakes himself up about every 20 minutes because of his nasty cough.  And since he is just like his mom with the worst gag reflexes, he is constantly choking after he coughs and from his runny nose.  I feel so bad for him because he just seems so miserable and helpless.  In the mornings he usually gets so excited to play with his toys but instead he just lays against me in my arms while I'm playing with them for him.  We are so ready for this winter season to be over with so we don't have to worry so much about all the sickness around!  

Nixon was having a really good morning after his medicine and nap, so I had to get some pics of him since we haven't seen much smiles recently!  I was so excited to put him in my favorite pair of moccasins that I just received from Freshly Picked!  I about died when I saw these paint splatter designs!  They really are the softest leather moccs that stay on Nixon's feet all day without coming off. They make it so easy to feel like his outfit is put together without having the extra step of velcro or laces.  Head on over to my instagram to enter the giveaway I will be running this week!!


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