Luka's Birth Story

In honor of Luka being one month old today, I thought I'd better get his birth story up so I'll never forget any of it! I can't believe it has already been a month since he has been here with us.  The last month of being pregnant seemed longer than the WHOLE pregnancy. And now, time is just flying so fast again.  

My due date was May 20th. I was planning on getting induced that day if he hadn't come already before then. My body was already dilating but no signs of labor.  I was doing all the old tricks to get him to come early but nothing was working!! I went to my 38 week appt and had them strip my membranes with hopes of putting me into labor sooner.  But nothing came of it.  A few days before I turned 39 weeks, I was feeling horrible and in so much pain all the time.  I had no energy to do anything and just felt useless.  I was so ready to meet my baby.  I called my OB office and asked if I could change my induction date for May 14th instead.  Luckily it was open that day!  The night before I called the hospital to see what time to go in and they told me to plan on 7:30 AM but to call before I came in to make sure.  That night I didn't sleep AT ALL!! My adrenaline and excitement was already going and there was no way I was falling asleep.  I had showered, got ready, ate breakfast all by 6 AM and then called the hospital. My heart dropped and I broke into tears when they told me that they had a ton of people go into labor through the night and that I would need to be on call for the day. NOOOOOO!!! As silly as it sounds, I was SO crushed! I layed on the floor, cried all my makeup off and felt like I was never going to have this baby. 

It was 1 pm when they called me to get there by 2pm. Umm finally!! I get into the hospital and from that point on, everything literally went perfect. I was already dilated to a 4 by myself. I got the epidural right away and felt so amazing! The doctor came in and broke my water and we just waited! It was a few hours later that I started shaking really bad and couldn't control it.  Then I started feeling a lot of pressure from contractions.  Everything went super fast after that and the doctor came in and prepped to deliver the baby.  This is my all time favorite part of the hospital experience and always dream about this moment the whole pregnancy.  The excitement is unreal and its truly the most happy times of my life.  The doctor told me to push and right away he said the baby would be out in the next two contractions!  I was SO SHOCKED!! I was expecting to push for at least an hour!!! Tyson and the nurses were cheering me on because they could already see the baby!! You better believe I pushed so dang hard after that and 6 minutes later, Luka Wils made his debut!  I always wondered if I would have the same emotion that I had when Nixon was born since that was my first baby. And oh my gosh, it was just as amazing and indescribable.  I was the happiest person in the world just blubbering away.  My first thought was, where the heck did all his dark hair come from!!? I did not expect that!! Nixon had no hair the first two years of his life! Anyways, I told the nurse I wanted to do skin to skin and she made that happen right away in the midst of the chaos.  I appreciated that so much and those were the best moments having him lay on my chest for a good hour before anyone took him away from me. He was acting hungry and latched on right away. It was pure heaven. We did it.  We made it through the 9 months of pregnancy and I would do it a million times over again for him! Since this was late at night, it wasn't until the next morning that Nixon came to meet baby brother.  I was so anxious and excited for this moment too!  When Nixon came running in, he jumped on the bed with me and didn't even notice I was holding Luka haha. It took him a minute to see him and he instantly was so happy and totally knew that was the "baby brother" that was in my belly all along. It was sooo precious and I'll have those memories engrained forever. 

Happy One Month Sweet Boy!!! We LOVE YOU!!!!