Ok. I wish I had heard about BumpStyle Box way earlier on in my pregnancy! This is seriously one of the most perfect ways to treat yourself during pregnancy because you feel like its Christmas every month! All you do is sign up online and fill out information that matches your style.  You then get assigned a personal stylist that puts together at least 4 different outfits and ships them all straight to your door.  You keep the ones that you want, and send the rest of the clothes back and just get charged for the pieces you keep! My stylist was so amazing and I loved every piece of clothing I was sent!  Here is the link to their site so you can go order yours! 




Anyone heard of the Owlet Baby Monitor?  I heard about this monitor before I was even pregnant and I already had known that this was an absolute MUST for me to have for my baby. There's nothing that will make me more comfortable as a new mom then knowing that my baby's vitals are where they should be when he's sleeping. I'm sure with me being an ER nurse I am even more paranoid about this! I am so excited to have this device to give me that piece of mind with these extra set of eyes watching over my babe! 

How it works:

The box comes with smart socks in different sizes to fit to your baby. It fits snug on the baby's foot to monitor the heart rate and oxygen levels while the baby sleeps. The Owlet is designed to alert you if your baby's heart rate and oxygen go out of parameters. There is also an Owlet app you can download to your phone to see what the levels are at at all times. 

I'm so excited to try this out on my baby boy when he gets here and will let you all know how it is!! If you'd like to purchase your Owlet, click here