Hey guys!!  I wanted to put together a blog post of my microblading experience since I have been getting a lot of questions about it you should do it or not. And the answer is YES.  I have put this off a long time because I din't really know if it would be worth it.  I can tell you within the past two weeks, I have had more compliments on my brows than ever before and I feel so much better about myself having them look perfect all the time.  So before you go, you don't need to do ANYTHING with your brows. Just show up and Desiree will do the rest. She first put topical numbing cream on my brows for 30 minutes to make sure I was comfortable.  Then after that, she talked to me about the look and the shape I wanted.  I showed her a picture and she was able to map that same look out for my brows. Then she had me pick the pigment.  For this part, I recommend going at least one, if not two shades darker than what you pick.  It ends up looking lighter than you expect. It was surprising to me that the whole prep process is what takes the majority of the time!  Once she actually starts microblading your brows, you're pretty much almost done! So now time to talk about the pain. Yes, some areas of my brows were more painful than others.  But Desiree was able to stop and add more numbing cream to help those sensitive areas. Beauty can be pain so it was worth it for me. And really, like I said before, the actual blading part is super quick so I just took it! Let me know if you guys have any more questions!  Hurry and go book your appt with Desiree and if you mention my name, she will give you the most insane deal of only $175!!! Normally $350!