It's such a crazy thing to think I am almost half way through this pregnancy with our baby BOY!! We are now at 18 weeks and just finished up another OB appt where the babe is measuring right where he should be at the size of a sweet potato. As you can see, he's not doing a very good job at hiding himself anymore. The bump has made its debut and thanks to Tyson for taking these pictures of it! These past two weeks I have felt lots of flutters going on and then just within the past few days I have been feeling actual movements more and more! It is the coolest and weirdest thing and it almost scares me when it happens. Now that we know what we are having, I just can't help but look at baby boy clothes EVERY where we go or on the internet allll the time. I also may have jumped the gun a little early and bought myself my all time favorite fawn design diaper bag that I just want to use right now but not sure if that would be weird or not. Anyways I have to say that one of my absolute favorite things right now is how cute Tyson is with our baby boy. It is seriously the funniest and cutest thing when he talks to him through my belly. He will talk to him as if I'm not around and then when I start laughing he will ask me in all seriousness to give him some alone time with our son hahahaha. It never gets old! Well two more weeks till our full anatomy ultrasound which we can't wait for to see our baby again! In case you missed it, click here for our latest video of our gender reveal at 14 weeks! 



  1. I'm so excited for you! I absolutely love those diaper bags… Jordan has two… Do you think it would be weird if I got one for myself? Ha ha… I mean c'mon... I have "purses" just as big. 😜

    1. Haha no not at all! Especially with you being in California where most people probably don't know what those are then you can for sure get away with it! Thanks Wendy!

  2. This just made my day! So cute and sweet!

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