Dancing Through Life

Yesterday I became one year older, 23.  Back in April, I found out that my favorite broadway musical would be coming to Salt Lake this summer. I strategically made sure to tell Tyson right away, so he would have plenty of time to buy tickets before they sold out. This was the ONLY thing that I wanted for my birthday.  The past few weeks leading up to my birthday, I've been playing the wicked soundtrack when he's around...hinting....to make sure that he hadn't forgot about this.

Well yesterday when he got home from work he surprised me with a gorgeous bouquet of red roses . Earlier in the day I told him we should leave for dinner sooner (since I may have been sneaking around on the computer checking to see what time Wicked started, and realized we may not have enough time!) Next we went out to eat in Salt Lake at Tepanyaki, which was amazing.  After dinner was over, Tyson told me he had a netflix movie and ice cream back at home to finish off my birthday.  I had already told my whole family I was hoping he was taking me to Wicked and I started getting nervous that maybe we weren't going! Well let's just say after some driving around, the husband scored some major points and drove me right in front of the theatre telling me we had TICKETS!! You would have never known that this was my 7th time seeing this musical with how excited I was the whole night.  It took everything in me, with the help of Tyson, to not sing and dance and quote almost the whole production for the sake of him and others around.  Thanks babe for the best birthday!!!! 


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