Drive. Stop. Pic. Pic. Video. Repeat.

After church and a nice home cooked meal with my man, we decided to go on the famous drive this time of year, the Alpine Loop, to see all the amazing fall colors throughout the canyon...and lemme tell ya...it was the most breathtaking view throughout the whole. entire. drive. I'm so glad we brought along a camera..and also Tyson's birthday present he finally got to play with..Phantom 2+! Scroll down to the bottom of the post to see the short video clip he put together! We felt like tourists in our own area where we live and didn't care one bit. I told Tyson I will always be a tourist here (since I'm still claiming California as my home) and he told me I need to get over that since I married a Utahan and I've been here for two years... I'll have to think about that one for awhile.      

Here is the video Tyson put together so you can see it from a bird's eye view!


  1. Come on....Utah is pretty amazing...and it beats Lake Elsinore ANY time of day!!! Hey..what time were you guys up there? I'm planning on going up around 5:30 tonight. You think that's too late?

    1. Haha oh I completely agree that Utah beats Lake Elsinore! Pretty much anything beats Lake Elsinore! But I do hope to move to San Diego maybe someday in the near future :) Its the snow that pushes me away from here but I do love Utah don't get me wrong! So we left our house probably right around 5:30 yesterday and we wish we would have left a little sooner...if you can leave at 5 that would be perfect! We started to loose lighting when we were a little more than half way through and the sun was completely gone when we were getting down into Sundance.