New York- Part ONE

New York was an absolute dream! Tyson found out about one week before this trip that I was able to go with him to film part of Saturday and Sunday which left us with Friday and Saturday to explore the city. With the little time that we had, I felt that we saw exactly what we wanted to, but definitely planning another trip where we can have more time! The most amazing part was that we flew into the city on 9/11. The first stop we made was Ground Zero. We quickly made our way to the subway station and asked lots of people for direction till we made it there. It was so breathtaking to be standing there at the location of the twin towers and realizing that was where all the tragedy took place that day 14 years ago.  We spent awhile there walking around and seeing families and friends of loved ones hold each other tight. Such a cool experience. 

Later that day we made our way up to Times Square which was the next more important thing I wanted to see!! It was so crazy walking up from under ground into the heart of Times Square! I am such a city girl and love being in places with so much going on and this was right there at the top for me. So many lights, people, street entertainers, taxis, horns honking, you name it. I can truly understand now why NYC is called the concrete jungle. 

Our last few hours of the trip was spent exploring Long Island and of course we had to go visit Southampton! I now understand why the celebrities own homes there and would DIE to live there one day also!! The streets are lined with 12ft high bushes and openings only at the driveways where you have all the privacy in the world.  Literally mansion after mansion with yards the sizes of football fields (ok maybe a little exaggeration there). Tyson was making fun of me the whole time with all my ooooss and awwss of how unreal these homes are (the ones that we could actually see). We also drove to Coopers Beach just so we could say that we had been from west coast (San Diego) to east coast all in two weeks.  After that we walked down main street, had lunch at a cute restaurant, picked up some ice cream cones and got on our way. Can't wait to go back!!!


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