The day our baby was due

July 30th, the day I have been counting down for 9 months, has now come and gone.  I never knew how hard this day would be with no signs of baby coming. I made the mistake of sitting at home most the day feeling super emotional about our baby boy not here yet and just hoping for something to happen.  I should have kept myself busy and out doing something to keep my mind off of it. I was hoping so bad to not have to be pregnant longer than I have to be and really thought he would be early or come on the due date. Since this is my first baby, I have to go one week over to get induced.  Since that one week mark falls on a Saturday, they are making me wait till the following Monday, August 8, to be induced.  That day seems FOREVER away but is now my new countdown. 

Anyways, Tyson wanted to take me up to this spot to do some video footage for when the baby does decide to come.  I was glad he did this to help me get out and focus on something else for a minute.  We also did a few shots since we really haven't taken any maternity pictures so why not take them on our 40 week mark? And also...how hot is my husband!!?? Swooning. 


P.s. Here is our latest vlog Tyson posted on our youtube page


  1. You are adorable. I went 10 days past my due date and it was tough getting him out of there, even induced. You'll be glad you waited for baby to get ready and your body to get ready too. Just keep busy! You got this

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