Dear Baby Boy- ONE MONTH


I can't believe you are ONE MONTH!  It is so hard to think about life without you and what better things we would be doing since nothing can even compare.  You are the greatest thing that your Dad and I have ever experienced. I feel so lucky to have such a happy baby where you only cry when you are hungry or have a dirty diaper (you like being clean and I'm grateful for that).  You have brought such a special feeling into our home and I couldn't be more grateful that I was chosen to be your momma.  I stare and stare at you all day long and would be completely fine not doing anything else. It is so crazy the amount of love I have for you after only having you here for one month!! Call me crazy but I miss you so much even when I am away from you for as little as a 10 minute car ride. I wish that I could just keep you little like this for a lonnnnggg time and love on you every single day.  I love you baby boy.


P.S Everyone says you look just like your daddy (which I'm grateful for and agree with), but still waiting for the day till someone says you look like me! 


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